QR Codes

Claudia Littlefair provided this useful information about using QR codes on posters and websites. It describes what a QR code is and how you can generate them for free. This ... Read More

Formation to Formation

Daryl Clendenin is an Accredited Caller Coach who has taught scores of caller schools. In the attached document, Daryl discusses the elements of formation management: moving smoothly and intentionally from ... Read More

Square Dancing And Its Relation To Mathematics

Ever wondered how a couple of theoretical physicists might go about communicating their love of square dancing to their colleagues? Well, by explaining some of the underlying mathematical structures of ... Read More

Don Beck’s Video Potpourri

Don Beck has posted an eclectic collection of instructional videos on his YouTube channel. Check it out ... Read More

Clark Baker on Gimmicks

In this paper Clark defines and categorizes a number of types of gimmick and provides numerous examples of each ... Read More

Digital Input Chart for Hilton Sound Systems

This document provides information on how to connect music sources such as laptops, mini-disc players, phones, etc. to various Hilton sound systems ... Read More

CALLERLAB Code Of Ethics

CALLERLAB Code of Ethics ... Read More

Definitions for partially inclusive dancing – Dancing for Everybody

Birgit Rudolf has created a special set of Basic and Mainstream definitions that include information about how calls can be executed by dancers with mobility or sensory challenges ... Read More

Hooking Up Williams Hearing Assist to Hilton Equipment

This 16 page document from Stephen Cole provides detailed information on how to hook up Williams Hearing Assist systems to various Hilton sound systems ... Read More

Diagrams and Definitions Book Set

This set of five books contains call definitions and diagrams compiled by Ruth Graser and edited by Ed Foote. The five books are cover the CALLERLAB programs from Plus to ... Read More

Hilton Multiple Speaker Hookup Information

Type Document Author Date 2024-04-05 Links Document PDF Description This information on the technical considerations for hooking up multiple speakers to Hilton amplifiers is reproduced from the Hilton Audio website ... Read More

Two Couple Calling For New Callers

Kip Garvey explains how new callers can practice and develop their choreography skills by calling to two couples. This allows new callers to focus better on many fundamentals of call ... Read More

Lost Square Procedure

The Lost Square procedure provides a series of steps for a) broken square making themselves more obvious to the caller, and b) callers to notice and more quickly create a ... Read More