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The Call Sheet is the professional journal of the Gay Callers Association (GCA).

The publication is one way the GCA provides continuing education to both their members and the general square dance calling community throughout the year. (The GCA also runs a three day caller school in conjunction with each IAGSDC annual convention.)

Callers from all over the world—both inside and outside of the GCA—contribute to this unique publication. This includes a number of past and current CALLERLAB chairs, committee chairs and vice chairs, and general members.

The resulting journal encourages professional development of all square dance callers, regardless of the audience they're calling to. Each issue contains articles targeting both experienced and newer callers.

The Call Sheet has covered not just calling to gay groups, but also articles on calling to homeschooled kids, Handicapable groups, and technical issues of interest to the general calling community.

A subscription to The Call Sheet is included in the price of GCA membership.

Information (and a sample issue of the Call Sheet) can be found online at

GCA membership information and application can be found online at