Clark Baker on Gimmicks

Clark Baker (cmbaker at tiac dot net)
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In this paper Clark defines and categorizes a number of types of gimmick and provides numerous examples of each. This paper is an expansion of a presentation he did at the 2005 CALLERLAB convention, which you can listen to here. The program description of this session was "Clark Baker will present his views on Gimmick choreography. Questions to be answered include: what is a gimmick, when are gimmicks appropriate, are there bad gimmicks, what are the risks to using gimmicks, and are there categories of gimmicks. While Clark will provide some examples, we are looking for audience participation, both in gimmicks and in dancing them."

Additional recordings of sessions dealing with gimmicks and games can be found in this KnowledgeBase article: Education Recordings About Games and Gimmicks