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While working with students, caller coaches often provide references to materials to aid them in their ongoing development. The Technical Information For Caller Training document has a large Reference section at the end containing recommended materials.

The following table replicates and expands the information contained in that document section. The advantage of an online table over a hardcopy list is all the reference links are live and can be used to acquire the material immediately. The table is initially sorted in alphabetical order by item title (column 4), but may be sorted in either ascending or descending order on any column by clicking on the "up/down" indicators in the column header.

When the Availability column contains a $ it indicates there is a charge for the item. When Availability contains Out Of Print it is possible that used copies might be obtained by searching in sites such as eBay, Craigslist, or Amazon. For such items the link provided is a Google search on the item title, which hopefully may turn up a helpful set of results.
Format Availability Author/Owner Item Title (Link)
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABApplications Review Committee (ARC) Decisions
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABFormation Pictograms
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABFormation & Arrangement Charts
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABChoreographic Guidelines (no link)
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABCode of Ethics
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABCurriculum Guidelines for Caller Training (no link)
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABHandouts for Caller Training
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABMentoring Guidelines
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABPartner Resource Guide
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABBasic Definitions
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABBasic List
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABBasic Standard Applications
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABBasic Teaching Checklist
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABBasic Timing
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABMainstream Definitions
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABMainstream List
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABMainstream Standard Applications
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABMainstream Teaching Checklist
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABMainstream Teaching Tips
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABMainstream Timing
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABSSD List
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABSSD Teaching Guide
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABSSD Timing
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABPlus Definitions
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABPlus List
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABPlus Standard Applications
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABPlus Teaching Checklist
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABPlus Teaching Tips
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABPlus Timing
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABAdvanced Definitions
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABAdvanced List
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABAdvanced A1 Teaching Checklist
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABAdvanced A2 Teaching Checklist
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABAdvanced Timing
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABChallenge C-1 Definitions
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABChallenge C-1 List
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABChallenge C-2 Definitions
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABChallenge C-2 List
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABChallenge C-3A Definitions
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABChallenge C-3A List
DocumentHardcopy $CALLERLABStarter Kit for Newer Callers
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABSight and Module Resolution Systems
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABTeaching Order Design Principles
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABWinning Ways Stories
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABCallers in Schools Handbook (sometimes referred to as CISH)
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABWelcoming Dance Environment – Goals & Handbooks
DocumentFree downloadCALLERLABWomen in Calling Stages Document
WebsiteInternetCALLERLABSquare Dance KnowledgeBase
WebsiteInternetCALLERLABTeaching Resource
WebsiteInternetCALLERLABDance Resource
WebsiteInternetBrad ChristieTaminations: Call animations and definitions
BookHardcopy $Vic & Debbie CederA Ceder Chest of A1 and A2 Square Dance Definitions, Vic and Debbie Ceder
BookHardcopy $Vic & Debbie CederA Ceder Chest of C1 and C2 Square Dance Definitions, Vic and Debbie Ceder
BookHardcopy $Vic & Debbie CederA Ceder Chest of C3 Square Dance Definitions, Vic and Debbie Ceder
BookHardcopy $Richard NevellA Time to Dance, Richard Nevell (St. Martin’s Press, 1977)
BookHardcopy $Richard SeverenceA Step in Time: The American Square Dance, Richard Severance (2018)
BookHardcopy $Graser and FooteAdvanced Program A-1 & A-2 Diagrams and Definitions, compiled by Ruth Graser, edited by Ed Foote
BookHardcopy $Graser and FooteAdvanced Challenge Program C-3A Diagrams and Definitions, compiled by Ruth Graser, edited by Ed Foote
BookHardcopy $Paul MooreAs I Saw It, compiled and edited by Paul Moore about the life of Bob Osgood.
BookHardcopy $Graser and FooteBasic Challenge Program C-1 Diagrams and Definitions, compiled by Ruth Graser, edited by Ed Foote
BookHardcopy $Bruce HolmesBecoming a Square Dance Caller, Bruce Holmes (2020)
BookOut of PrintDavis and SybalskyBig Five: Dictionary and Square Dance Manual, Bill Davis and John Sybalsky (1988) (Try used resellers)
BookHardcopy $Buddy WeaverBurleson Square Dance Encyclopedia, Bill Burleson, Jon Sanborn John Sanders
BookHardcopy $Kip GarveyCall Me Crazy, Kip Garvey (2017)
BookOut of PrintCal Campbell, Don ArmstrongCaller/ Teacher Quick Reference Guide, Cal Campbell and Don Armstrong (1975) (Try used resellers)
BookOut of PrintOrlo HoadleyCallers Guidebook to Complete Choreography, H. Orlo Hoadley (1983) (Try used resellers)
BookHardcopy $Graser and FooteCallerlab Extended Challenge Program C-2 Diagrams and Definitions, compiled by Ruth
BookHardcopy $Tony ParkesContra Dance Calling: A Basic Text, Tony Parkes, 1992 and 2010
BookFree downloadCal Campbell, Bob Howell, Ken KernanDancing for Busy People, Cal Campbell, Bob Howell, and Ken Kernan
BookFree downloadCal CampbellMainstream Caller’s Notebook, The, Cal Campbell
BookHardcopy $Kip GarveyNuts and Bolts, Kip Garvey (2017)
BookHardcopy $Don BeckOut of Sight, A Text on Mental Image for the Square Dance Caller, Don Beck (1983)
BookHardcopy $Graser and FootePlus Program Diagrams and Definitions, compiled by Ruth Graser, edited by Ed Foote
BookHardcopy $Steve KopmanSquare Dance Man: The Life and Times of Lee and Lilith Kopman (2011)
BookHardcopy $Jim MayoStep By Step Through Modern Square Dance History, Jim Mayo (2003)
PublicationWebsiteClaudia LittlefairAlberta Chatter
PublicationWebsiteBuddy WeaverAmerican Square Dance Magazine
PublicationWebsiteBarry WonsonBehind the Mike — International Magazine for Callers, Barry Wonson, Australia
PublicationFree download for GCA membersAllan HurstThe Call Sheet — Professional Journal of the Gay Callers Association,
BookHardcopy $Fred HauryABC’s of Round Dancing, Fred Haury, (ASD, 1977)
BookHardcopy $Bill BurlesonThe Diagrammed Guide to Better Square Dancing, Bill Burleson
BookHardcopy $Lovett and FordGood Morning, Benjamin Lovett and Henry Ford, (Dearborn Publishing 1926) (Google search on “book Good Morning, by Benjamin Lovett and Henry Ford” )
BookOut of PrintBill DavisThe Top Ten, Bill Davis (1972 - 1983), series of nine books, containing choreo concepts,