American Square Dance Magazine

Buddy Weaver (americansquaredance at gmail dot com)
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2023-11-12 16:40:17
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American Square Dance Magazine is a venerable decades-old magazine for square dance enthusiasts. As such, it has changed hands and evolved a number of times over the years. The latest owner is Buddy Weaver, who has taken it in a new direction better suited to the 21st century.

Here is Buddy's description of his revitalized ASD:

A publication that reaches into the home of every square dance enthusiast in the world with the sole purpose of growing modern western square dancing. Produced monthly in DIGITAL format - direct secured downloads to subscribers and viewable on-line - American Square Dance gives a voice to forward-thinking leaders, advocating for ideas that will see a square dancing tomorrow filled with happy, excited square dancers.

American Square Dance also publishes the Burleson Encyclopedia of Square Dance Calls, on-line and downloadable for subscribers.