Mental Image Calling (Ackerman & French)

Bill Ackerman and Rob French
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This 132-page document by Bill Ackerman and Rob French provides an analysis and extension of Don Beck's mental image system described in his book Out Of Sight. An extract from the Preface of the document is provided below:

This book describes a mental image system of square dance calling. Such systems do something that might at first glance seem to be nearly impossible: enable you to call correctly resolved sequences, that are not in any way memorized, without looking at a square. Of course, if you could keep track of eight (or even four) dancers in your head you could do this directly. But most people can’t keep track of this many dancers mentally. The mental image system requires you to keep track of only one dancer, plus an additional amount of information that is so small that you can keep track of it by inconspicuously counting on the fingers of one hand.