Finding Music

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This article lists a number of sources for obtaining music suitable for square dancing. It includes both music specially produced for square dancing and also sources of alternative music.
Music Sources

Modern Western Square Dancing primarily uses recorded music. There are a number of square dance music producers that produce music specially designed for square dance use. This is often referred to just as "square dance music". There is also lots of music available that is suitable for square dance use despite not being produced with that in mind. This is termed "alternative music".

Music From Square Dance Music Producers
  • MusicForCallers An aggregate webpage containing links to the websites of many square dance music producers. The site provides search capabilities across all member websites, and each member site provides online purchase and download of MP3 files.
  • Square dance music distribution service offering music from many producers
Sources Of Alternative Music

Note: If you know of other good sites for buying alternative music, drop us a line, and we'll add them to this list!