Dancing For Busy People

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Cal Campbell (calcampbl@gmail.com)
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Dancing For Busy People was originally a book published in 2003. The book is an excellent resource for someone planning a party night or beginner dance. “Dancing for Busy People” is a collection of over 400 dances using easy to teach dance movements. Most dances use only walking movements based on commonly used square dance terminology. Only 25 basics are used. The same basics are used for contra dances, trios, quadrilles, Sicilian circles, mescolanzas and many of the round dance mixers. Some special description of footwork is necessary for the no-partner dances.

A few years ago Cal set up a blog where he documents and discusses some of the developments that have occurred since the publication of the book. Visit the blog for the latest information in the arena of party nights and beginner dances.

The first link above takes you to an Internet Archive entry containing the book. If you scroll down a little bit you will find a menu that allows you to download the book in a number of different formats, including PDF and EPUB. The second link takes you to the blog.