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The Metropolitan Chicago Association of Square Dancers (MCASD) hosts a "toolbox" page that lists a variety of items that are useful for promoting square dancing and recruiting new dancers. They offer these tools to help all clubs better promote and increase our activity.

Item Title (link) Description
Basic SD call list/TRACKING SHEET

This form lets students keep track of calls they learn in class and check off their progress. The idea is for them to check each call 3 times -- the day they first learn it, the day they review it, and the day they feel they can do the call most of the time.

Lessons Press Release Template

A sample press release to announce lessons.

Postering Tips for Square Dance Clubs

Tips on how to mount an effective postering campaign: when to start it, where to place posters, how long to leave them, what they should say, etc.

Business Card

A fun square dance business card you can hand out when someone expresses interest.

Top 10 Reasons to Square Dance
Benefits of Square Dancing

Two files outlining the benefits of square dancing: a) Word document showing the top 10 reasons you can give people who want to know why they should square dance; b) a PDF in a jazzier format suitable for a bulletin board or other display.

Prize Drawing Tickets (generic PDF)


Prize Drawing Tickets (editable Word)

Tickets for a prize drawing at the end of an intro night. A PDF version you can just print, and a Word version you can customize.

Lessons Gift Certificate

A Word file with a sample gift certificate for lessons.

We Need Your Help Request (text)
We Need Your Help Request (PDF form)

Files to help request help from club members: a) a Word file with text for an email to send to club members; b) a PDF with a form you could put out at a dance for people to sign up.

Advertising Strategies for Lessons

A PDF outlining a variety of strategies for advertising lessons.

Yard Sign JPEG

This JPEG contains an image of a yard sign used with success in Chicago.

Flyer #1

Intro to square dance flyer #1.

Flyer #2

Intro to square dance flyer #2.