Social Square Dance (SSD), an Introduction and Overview by Barry Johnson

#1: Northwest Callers Association Meeting
#2: California Council of Square Dancers Webinar
2020-11 and 2021-05-22
Barry Johnson (
Northwest Callers Association || California Council of Square Dancers

Barry Johnson has done several iterations of a presentation that provides a comprehensive introduction and overview of the Social Square Dance (SSD) program. He draws on his own personal experience, the observed experiences of other groups in his area, and stories from around the US. He discusses not only the benefits of using the program but also the obstacles that may have to be hurdled and strategies for dealing with them. The presentation provides a practical guide to using SSD successfully.

Two of these presentations were recorded on video. The first is a roughly one hour presentation given to the Northwest Callers Association in November of 2020. The second is a two-hour webinar sponsored by the California Council of Square Dancers which combines the presentation with an extensive Q&A and discussion period.