Mikeside Management Caller Note Service

Barry Clasper (barry@clasper.ca)
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Over the years there have been many excellent magazines and caller note service publications offering valuable information for callers and dancers. The Square Dance Foundation of New England has digitized editions from a number of them and made them available on their website. You can view their entire collection HERE. These publications form an important part of our square dance history, but they also contain much valuable information that is still pertinent today.

This article points to editions of Mikeside Management by Stan and Cathie Burdick. The list below covers editions from 1992 to 2001. Click on the title to view a pdf of the scanned edition. The pdfs are full-text searchable.

In the first edition they explain their objectives as follows: We want this MM Note Service to be a smorgasbord for callers, with appeal to those of many different tastes. There'll be many good solid tips to help every caller improve in some way, skill-wise and program-wise. There'll be purposeful choreography, not just an endless array of stashed hash. We plan to discuss mechanics, tools, systems. We'll keep you abreast of current trends of mikeside interest, Callerlab news, QS choreo as it appears.

Mikeside Management Editions
  1. Mikeside Management 1992 (6.0 MiB)
  2. Mikeside Management 1993 (5.8 MiB)
  3. Mikeside Management 1994 (5.5 MiB)
  4. Mikeside Management 1995 (5.5 MiB)
  5. Mikeside Management 1996 (5.4 MiB)
  6. Mikeside Management 1997 (5.7 MiB)
  7. Mikeside Management 1998 (4.5 MiB)
  8. Mikeside Management 1999 (6.3 MiB)
  9. Mikeside Management 2000 (5.2 MiB)
  10. Mikeside Management 2001 (5.3 MiB)