All About Modules (book)

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Cal Campbell
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This 2014 book covers all the bases starting with the new caller just learning how to call and on through the old hands looking for ways to expand their collection of modules and to learn new tricks on how to use square dance modules to improve their calling skills. It’s all there.

The new caller will find a comprehensive set of lessons to introduce them to the art of using modules to call square dances. You will be guided step by step through a learning process that will enable you to quickly select and memorize modules and then call them at a dance and be successful. It is a time proven successful way to learn how to call and to entertain square dancers. However, It’s not a magic. You will have to practice and you will have to study choreography.

The link takes you to an Internet Archive entry containing the book. If you scroll down a little bit you will find a menu that allows you to download the book in a number of different formats, including PDF and EPUB.