History of CALLERLAB Board Of Governors Since 1975

Pam Clasper (pam@clasper.ca)
2024-04-12 12:08:16
History of CALLERLAB BOG Members 1975 to present
CALLERLAB has a Board Of Governors consisting of 25 members elected for 3-year terms by the general membership. Each year 1/3 of the BOG positions come up for election as terms expire. Each year the BOG elects 5 Executive Committee (EC) members: the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and 3 EC members. The EC deals with day-to-day operational decisions and does the planning for the annual convention. In the document the number in front of each member's name shows the year their term expires. Members shown with (E) next to their names were EC members, (C) indicates the Chairman, and (V) the Vice-Chairman. Members indicated as being "alternates" were elected by the BOG to join the EC if a member has to step down.