SSD FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

SSD Committee
Social Square Dance (SSD) Frequently Asked Questions
Those who are considering use of the Social Square Dance (SSD) system usually have many questions about how it works, the best way to implement it, and the issues they may have to address along the way. The Social Square Dance Committee has published the SSD FAQ document to address these questions. The document Table of Contents is reproduced below so you can see the topics that are addressed. Once you access the PDF document itself, the entries in the Table of Contents are links that take you directly to that part of the document.
We Urgently Need Beginners 4
Why do we need new dancers? 4
Why can’t we do what we’ve always done in the past? 4
What is the Dance Program Escalator? 4
What is the difference between Learn Mode and Dance Mode? 5
What kind of square dancing would be easier to sell? 5
What kind of shorter program can be easily learned by new dancers and also enjoyed by experienced dancers? 6
How can we maximize “Friends Bring Friends” recruitment? 6
History of SSD 7
Who started SSD? 7
What is the difference between SSD and the CALLERLAB Basic program? 7
What’s the difference between SSD and Target 2000? 7
What’s the difference between SSD and Mainstream? 8
Why was SSD created? 8
What do the letters S.S.D. mean? 9
If SSD is from CALLERLAB, why can’t I find it on the CALLERLAB website? 9
Who uses SSD? 9
The SSD List of Calls 10
If square dancing is a grass-roots activity, why do we need a list of calls? 10
Why can’t SSD use an existing list? Why do we need a new list? 10
Where can I get a copy of the SSD list? 10
Why should I follow the SSD list exactly, instead of my own variation of it? 10
What if my favorite call is not on the SSD list? 10
What if I think the SSD list should be bigger or smaller? 11
Starting Your SSD Program 12
How do I get started? 12
Where do I find beginner dancers? 12
How often should I start an SSD class? 12
How many weeks should my SSD class last? 13
What is the structure of an individual SSD session? 13
Where can I get a copy of the SSD guide book? 13
Who will promote SSD to dancers? 13
Who will promote SSD to callers? 14
How do I get my club to offer the SSD program for new dancers? 14
What if I just don’t like SSD and I prefer to teach the same programs I’ve taught for years? 15
Should I teach the calls from all formations and arrangements? 15
SSD Dancing 16
What do SSD dancers do after 12 weeks of class? 16
How can I keep dancers entertained long-term, using only 50 calls? 16
May I teach my favorite call, even if not on the SSD list, to my own group of dancers? 17
If I teach my favorite call to my group, can other SSD dancers still visit and dance with us? 17
How do I get my club to allow dancers to remain at SSD with no pressure to move up? 17
Can my SSD group visit other clubs which dance Mainstream or Plus? 18
Where can SSD dancers find other SSD dance groups? 18
Should national square dance conventions have a separate hall for SSD? 19
How does the CALLERLAB recommendation “that calls be taught from more than a single position (formation and arrangement)” fit in with SSD? 19
I heard that SSD focuses on symmetry. What is symmetry? 20
How to Keep Your SSD Program Strong 22
Where can I find ideas and success stories? 22
Where do I find dance material which uses only SSD calls? 22
Which is more important: What I call, or How I call it? 22
What happens if my club insists on continuing to teach SSD dancers all the way through Mainstream or Plus? 23
SSD was originally called “Sustainable Square Dancing”. What does sustainable mean? 23
How do I encourage people to bring their friends to the next SSD beginner class? 24
What do I do when a nearby caller tries to recruit my SSD dancers? 24
My question is not answered in this FAQ. Where can I ask additional questions? 25