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This particular newsletter article describes a Pinterest board established by the Canadian Square and Round Dance Society (CSRDS) that contains material useful in the promotion of square dancing. The link above takes you to a PDF of the individual article suitable for printing. The text of the article is reproduced below. (Note that two URLs in the PDF that appear to be active links do not work properly if you click on them, although the text displayed is correct. The links in the text below are correct.)

Article Text

The Canadian Square & Round Dance Society (C.S.R.D.S.) Marketing Committee is actively developing on-line resources for clubs to use to promote our activity. Quebec representative and committee co—chair, Rachelle Cournoyer, has spent countless hours compiling an extensive, user—friend|y Pinterest Page made up of 26 boards with over 1,500 pins, and counting! The boards consist of dance images, articles, videos, promotional material and general dance information. The content is continually being updated and added to. Anyone can access these boards and use the material for their own club's promotion.

Looking for a good video to promote square dancing? There are 34 of the very best. There is no need to spend hours looking on YouTube. Looking for some good images to use for your publicity and ads? There are 110+ pins to inspire you. There's a board on square dance promotion that groups the best posters and ideas. Want more on the health benefits of dance? Check out the ”Dance Research” board. The Committee's objective for the Pinterest Page is to be a One-Stop Shop with lots of practical information — all gathered in one on-line place!

How It Works

A pin is usually a picture that links to a page on the web. These pins are grouped into boards, so the effect is like a bulletin board with pictures on it. You would need to become a member of Pinterest in order to see the C.S.R.D.S. page. Becoming a member is easy: go to and set up an account. This is free. Once you have your account in Pinterest, link to the C.S.R.D.S. board: Now you're in and ready to go. For example, if you see an image you'd like to use on a poster, click on it, click ”copy image” and "paste” it on your poster.

Current List of Boards and Number of Pins
Advanced Square Dancing (3) Great Websites (6) Promotional Videos (34)
Callers & Music (26) History of Square Dance (94) Provincial Associations (36)
Clogging (47) How To (27) Quirky Square Dancing (20)
Contra (95 pins) International Square Dancing (20) Rainbow Dancing (13)
Cued Ballroom Dancing (61) New Dancers: Starting Out (8) Square Dance Imagery (111)
Dance Motivation Memes (123) Newsletters (16) Square Dance Memes (241)
Dance Research (65) Nostalgia (176) 20th National Convention (7)
Dancing: Children & Teens (37) Press: Square Dance (46) Traditional Square Dance (79)
Dancing: With Handicapped (13) Promotion (61)

If you have content you would like added to the boards, email Rachelle: or myself: