Otonabee Squares – Success Starting a New Club (2009)

Winning Ways Story
Jean Lander (hjlander@gmail.com)

The story of Otonobee Squares and Liftlock Squares in Peterborough, Ontario provides an instructive look at the symbiotic relationship between a Beginners/Mainstream club (Otonobee) and a Plus/Advanced club (Liftlock). Liftlock Square was having trouble recruiting new dancers because of their higher dance level. Taking new dancers all the way to Plus was not working for them. Otonobee was formed as a Mainstream club running Beginner's classes. While Otonobee is a separate club, the two clubs work together to foster a strong square dance environment in their area.

This first document is a report from Jean and Howard Lander about their success in starting up Otonobee Squares. The report contains much interesting information about how they advertised, promoted, and recruited for the new group.

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In 2016 Otonobee member Bill Harris put together a detailed strategic plan for the club. His 35-page report contains voluminous detail on their plans for marketing, promoting, and recruiting.

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