Interviews With Callers

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This summary article points to some places where recordings of interviews with callers have been collected.

Collections of Interviews With Callers (and others) (click on collection name to view)
Collection Name Description
Visit With the Legends At several recent conventions CALLERLAB ran a session titled "A Visit With the Legends". In each session several well known callers talked about their early days and related "war stories" about events in their calling careers. This article has direct pointers to those recordings.
Bob Brundage Interviews Over a period of many years Bob Brundage recorded interviews with 129 callers and square dance luminaries. This article links to those recordings.
Square Dance Radio Network This podcast hosted by Dayle Hodge and Barb Jarvis ran for about 40 episodes in 2011 and 2012. In each episode Dayle and Barb would interview callers or notable people in the square dance community about their lives and their views on various aspects of the activity. The link takes you to a page where you can hear all the episodes.
Marty's Podcast This podcast first started in summer of 2019 and only has a few episodes so far. Hopefully many more will be coming.
Both Sides Of The Mic Joe Uebelacker started these Zoom interviews with callers during the pandemic.
Square Dance Callers, Talking Charlie Petrea has posted 50+ interviews with callers, some of the most famous in the business, to this YouTube playlist.