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Cal Campbell
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Cal Campbell began his calling career in 1955 and over the years made enormous contributions to CALLERLAB and square dancing in general. He was a champion of party nights and Community Dance. In 2006 he was presented with the Milestone Award, CALLERLAB's highest honor. If you would like more details read Jim Mayo's speech presenting Cal's Milestone.

Cal passed away in October, 2021. In the months before his passing, he made a project of digitizing much of the material he had amassed over the years and making it available on the Internet Archive. This includes a large collection of square dance documents and materials. Items include various Sets In Order Yearbooks, articles and books he has written over the years, collections of modules and singing call figures, party dance material, and more. Some of the documents and books have been long out of print. In addition he has included links to videos of hundreds of dances suitable for party nights.

The link above takes you to Cal's overall archive site, which includes material other than square dancing, such as his passion for hot air ballooning. The link lands on an index page that shows the groupings of materials the site contains. Following are the sections that deal with square dancing:

Square Dance
The collection contains documents about square dancing. The focus is on providing books and other documents about square dances, contra dances, mixers, line dances, round dances, etc.
Dance Community
This contains postings Cal made to his Dancing For Busy People blog. It includes writeups for many of the dances in his book "Dancing For Busy People" (DFBP)
Dancing For Busy People
A collection of videos of dances from Dancing For Busy People.