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2021-04-27 15:14:54
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Cal Campbell has organized a collection of singing calls and documented them in the form of three Excel spreadsheets. Below Cal explains how he has organized the collection:

I’m a stickler about singing calls. I put them on spreadsheets and add up the number of steps each dance routine should take. I have only included routines from 60 to 66 steps in length. The spreadsheet is organized in the same order as the CALLERLAB recommended teaching order. I can then use it for teaching beginner classes. This means there are several very simple singing calls for the first 10 basics and there are singing calls featuring each basic to be taught up through Mainstream. In these routines, I only put on singing with a 16 beat tag line so all of you could sing the tag line while the dancers Promenade, Circle Left, Etc. There are routines with corner progression, right-hand lady progression, and no progression. They are marked in a column to the right of each routine. All the routines work, but I have not used all of them. I found about 40 routines that fit any songs I purchased. The dancers really don’t care. Many of the routines come from a project of an ad-hoc Basic committee. We were asked to send in our favorite singing call figures. If they fit in 60-64 steps, I put them on the spreadsheets. The Basic-Part one spreadsheet has 184 routines, The Basic Part-2 has 97 routines. Mainstream has 129 routines. That’s over 400 singing call routines.