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Daryl Clendenin (
Download:   For The Newbie Caller (Narrated Slide Set)
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Download:   Mental Image For The Girls (Narrated Slideset)
Daryl Clendenin is well known caller and Accredited Caller Coach who has taught countless caller schools. Many newer callers find the sheer volume of material thrown at them during a traditional caller school is overwhelming (often described as "drinking from a firehose"). Daryl has prepared a couple of narrated PowerPoint presentations that present the basic elements of calling in a condensed form.

The first (For The Newbie Caller) covers topics such as terminology, FASR, Chicken Plucker, Modules, and calling to the music. There is also a PDF version of the slides for those who want to review the text content without listening to the narration.

The second (Mental Image For The Girls) is aimed, obviously, at female callers. Almost all documentation and analysis of square dance calling is done by men from a man's point of view. But many women, used to dancing the lady's part, prefer to use one of the women as their primary focus. Daryl presents a simple mental image system modified to track one of the ladies rather than a man.

These narrated presentations are PowerPoint (.pptx) files with embedded diagrams and sound files. Some alternative software such as LibreOffice, OpenOffice, or FreeOffice might not view/play them properly. If the presentations do not play properly on your software try using the Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer which you can download for free at