CALLERLAB 2015 Brainstorming Session

Barry Clasper (
Brainstorming Ideas Spreadsheet (CALLERLAB 2015)

A "brainstorming" session was held during the opening session of the CALLERLAB Convention in 2015. The audience was seated at round tables with 8-10 people at a table. Each table was asked to brainstorm for 10 minutes or so on things that could be done to "improve square dancing" (however they conceived of that). Ideas were just written down by each individual as fast as they occurred to them. Each table was asked to rank their ideas and select the top 3. Then those 3 were taken to another table, which was asked to rank them.

The attached Excel spreadsheet contains those ideas. There are 441 items of information. Some are cryptic or unformed, some are well-trodden ground, but many are valuable.

The spreadsheet has three columns for categorizing the idea so you can sort the spreadsheet and group ideas together by category. There are also two rank columns: the first shows the rank assigned by the originating table, the second the rank assigned by the evaluating table. If the rank fields are blank, then the idea was not selected as one of the top 3 by the originating table.